How can you be a part of the CLAMP ministry?

CLAMP consists of a large pool of laypeople, construction workers, doctors, and businessman who have a love for the Lord and want to serve the Lord on a mission field. There are several ways you can be a part of CLAMP.

  • Pray for the ministry and those who are volunteering there time and talents, and the successful planning and execution of projects.
  • Volunteer your time participate in one of CLAMP’s construction projects, one week out of the year.

    Fill out our online application HERE

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  • Donate funds needed to support the logistical planning, mobilization, and implementation of projects through the Lord’s work.
  • Inform others about the CLAMP ministry to those who may be wanting or thinking about going on a missions trip.

Without God-fearing volunteers like yourself, CLAMP can not be a success. Please pray about how the Lord can use you through the CLAMP ministry.