State Requirements

The Little Soldiers Preschool and Daycare meets all requirements for a religious, exempt, childcare institution.  State fire, health, sanitary, and building inspections are conducted on a regular basis as mandated by the Virginia Department of Social Services.  Also, emergency preparedness drills are conducted on a routine basis.


Staff Qualifications

All staff are screened annually by a physician showing that they are free from any medical condition that would prohibit them from caring for children.  Staff are trained in CPR and first aid.  Criminal background checks are also completed on all staff of the Little Soldiers Preschool and Daycare.


Child-Staff Ratio

The child-staff ratio at the Little Soldiers Preschool and Daycare is maintained in accordance with Virginia Department of Social Services regulations.


Academic Information

Little Soldiers Preschool offers lessons that develop comprehension and interaction.  The learning process centers on acquiring and understanding material and developing a love for learning.  Children use hands-on activities to explore and learn the world around them.